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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
7:21 AM 18th January 2022

Lapland ‘Sami-Culture’ Glamping Adventure

A new Lapland adventure is offering a glamping experience combining the tradition of a native Sami Lavvu (teepee) with the comfort of a luxury cabin – all located on an Arctic nature reserve in the spectacular Laponia World Heritage Site.

The new accommodation, opening to its first guests this month, takes the experience of staying in a traditional Sami Lavvu whilst combining it with the comforts and luxuries of an Arctic cabin.

Its bespoke solid internal structure allows for increased coziness and warmth while maintaining the design, sustainability and culture inspired by nature and the Sami culture.

The new accommodation is central to a new and exclusive ‘Sampi Experience’ adventure by Off the Map Travel that will see visitors spend three nights on a traditional Sami site in Swedish Lapland.

Guests embarking on this new adventure will experience all aspects of Sami culture - from the comfort of Lavvu accommodation - 100 miles above the Arctic circle.

“This exciting new travel experience is the perfect chance to get away from it all to experience another world, and another culture – whilst not compromising on comfort or sustainability,” said Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel, which designed the experience.

“The new accommodation each sleep two and are furnished with amazing comfy double beds, stoves and cosy furnishings and a private en suite bathroom, all inspired by nature and the Sami culture.

“During their stay, along with immersive planned experiences, guests can get as hands on as they like with day-to-day life.

“For those that like food, they can help and learn how to prepare and cook dishes based on Sami cuisine where fish, reindeer and moose, supplemented by berries and herbs, are a mainstay with the majority of meat and fish being provided by the host family.”

The new accommodation has been created by the founders of the Sápmi Nature Camp in Swedish Lapland whose mission is to create sustainable, off grid, personal Sami experiences that celebrate the native Lapland culture, nature and wellness.

Available from this month 2022, the new accommodation will be available throughout the year for guests to enjoy the Arctic nature from the dark winter nights and Northern Lights, through to the midnight sun in the summer.

Sustainability is at the core of the Sápmi Nature Camp which has been granted the “Nature’s Best approved” award.

The three-night, four-day, full-board Sampi Experience Itinerary from Off the Map Travel costs from £2099 per person, excluding flights, based on two adults.

The itinerary includes three nights in lavvu accommodation, learning about Sami culture, a guided skiing tour / meet the reindeer herdsman experience, and a moose-spotting safari.

“The new lavish lavvu teepees are perfect for those looking for a combination of luxury and adventure. They are cosy, beautifully furnished, yet perfectly suited to traditional Sami living,” added Jonny Cooper.

“The stay will provide a unique insight into the lives of Sweden’s Sami people, while delivering the ultimate glamping experience.”

For more information visit, call 0800 566 8901 or email