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NASA Picture of the Day: Eclipse on the Water
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clipses tend to come in pairs. Twice a year, during an eclipse season that lasts about 34 days, Sun, Moon, and Earth can nearly align. Then the full and new phases of the Moon separated by just over 14 days create a lunar and a solar eclipse. Often partial eclipses are part of any eclipse season.
How To Help Stop Your Computer Running Slowly
One of the biggest pain-points for technology users is slow running speed. We’ve all been there – staring at a spinning loading icon and wishing for the programme or email to load quicker – and it can be painful. But, while some tech problems need the experts on hand to help…
Asteroid Flybys Over the next 7 Days
NameDateMin Dia. (m)Max Dia. (m)Rel. Velocity (mph)Miss Distance (miles)
(2018 NC)13th Jun22149429,9848,250,778
329437 (2002 OA22)14th Jun35078334,89429,892,967
363116 (2001 GQ2)14th Jun24955729,00639,458,083
(2012 OQ)14th Jun11024720,59445,546,223
513312 (2007 DM41)15th Jun10523643,87142,252,341
450263 (2003 WD158)15th Jun472105629,4544,889,141
207398 (2006 AS2)16th Jun23151730,05210,008,130
490581 (2009 WZ104)16th Jun27060525,39830,156,647
(2020 KK5)18th Jun11024755,14914,553,488
(2014 XJ3)19th Jun25356741,3399,890,007