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Renewable vs. non-renewable power generation across the region (updated every 30 minutes)
Renewables includes biomass(10.2%), nuclear(40.9%), solar(0.3%) and wind(2.7%). Excludes imports
Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Digital Space?
For many Brits, cleaning the house from top to toe is just as much a part of early spring as lighter nights, daffodils and the arrival of Easter eggs onto supermarket shelves. The mental and physical benefits of spring cleaning are well documented, but despite the average Brit spending 3.81 hours on mobile devices each day, we often neglect to clean up of our digital spaces.
Image: spusu
NASA Picture of the Day: Moon and Smoke Rings from Mt. Etna
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Yes, but can your volcano do this? To the surprise of some, Mt. Etna emits, on occasion, smoke rings. Technically known as vortex rings, the walls of the volcano slightly slow the outside of emitted smoke puffs, causing the inside gas to move faster.
Asteroid Flybys Over the next 7 Days
NameDateMin Dia. (m)Max Dia. (m)Rel. Velocity (mph)Miss Distance (miles)
468910 (2014 KQ76)24th Apr12327540,49319,047,622
612856 (2004 TP1)24th Apr18842013,74834,825,947
(2004 TP1)24th Apr19243013,74834,825,947
(2014 EQ49)25th Apr12127120,38236,563,572
(2014 UQ56)25th Apr38485952,34318,225,922
292220 (2006 SU49)27th Apr3487795,68932,107,733
613569 (2006 TU7)28th Apr11024635,27843,616,518
(2006 TU7)28th Apr11024735,27843,616,517
363734 (2004 XN50)28th Apr457102335,22735,062,646
170086 (2002 XR14)29th Apr617138032,24225,335,499