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1:00 AM 29th March 2024

The Easter-Related Road Name That Has Seen House Prices Hop By 315% In A Year

The latest research by Lomond, one of the UK’s largest estate and letting agency groups, has revealed that one Easter-related road name has seen a 315% annual increase in the average sold price.

Photo by Ансплэш Степана on Unsplash
Photo by Ансплэш Степана on Unsplash
The company analysed sold price data from the Land Registry looking at the price paid for a range of Easter-related road names and how these prices have changed on an annual basis.

The research shows that on average, a property located on an Easter-related road will set you back £303,999 on average, having increased by 18.6% over the last year.

However, one Easter road name has seen a far greater rate of house price growth compared to the rest. Homes on roads with ‘Bunny’ in the name, such as Bunny Lane in Rushcliffe in the East Midlands, have commanded an average sold price of £995,000 in the last year.

That’s a huge bounce of 315% when compared to the previous year when bunny-related sold prices averaged just £230,000.

While we may be set to splurge on a few chocolate eggs this Easter, those on egg-related road names - such as Eggshill Lane in South Gloucestershire - are some of the best positioned to absorb the cost of Easter confectionery, having seen the value of their home increase by an average of 40% on an annual basis.

As the most important event in the Christian calendar, it’s perhaps fitting that roads with Christian in the name - such as Christian Fields in Croydon - also make the top three, having seen the average sold price cimb by 18% year on year.

What’s more, with an average sold price of £355,000, Christian-related road names also boast the highest sold price of the six Easter offerings analysed by Lomond.

Roads with chick and daffodil in the name have also seen the average sold price increase by 3% year on year, but not all Easter-related road names have seen positive growth.

Roads with Lent in the name currently boast an average sold price of £233,500, a -25% drop when compared to the previous year.

Richard Crathorne CEO of Lomond’s John Shepherd brand, commented:
“Whether you're celebrating Easter or simply looking forward to a four day weekend, the Easter bank holiday really marks the start of the spring season.

"This is when we generally tend to see the property marker emerge from its winter hibernation, with a spike in market activity helping to drive house price growth over the coming months.

"However, as our research shows, those living on Easter-related road names are ahead of the game in this respect, with all but one having seen positive annual house price growth. But it’s fair to say if you live on anything other than a road with bunny in the name you’ll be hopping mad, as a 315% increase in the average sold price is pretty incredible.”

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