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3:00 AM 30th April 2022

Spare A Toothbrush: Spring Car Cleaning Hacks

Brits are being offered expert advice on the best hacks to give their car a spring clean.

The team at car leasing company has come up with ten handy hacks to help motorists keep the dirt away and bring back that showroom shine.

Toothbrushes, baby wipes, and bin bags are some of the items that should be kept in the car to make sure it looks, and stays, clean.

A spokesperson from said:
“After several periods of bad weather here in the UK, motorists may find that their car is a little dirtier than usual.

“With the warmer weather coming up this gives drivers the perfect opportunity to restore their vehicles to their former glory.

“Cleaning the car doesn’t have to take up large amounts of time and you can stop grime build up with a few preventative methods.

“Being in a clean and tidy car can help drivers stay focused, comfortable and ultimately improve road safety as they do not get distracted by their messy interior.”

These are ’s top ten hacks to give cars a spring clean:

Socks in cup holders

Instead of using your fingers to clean cup holders, try putting an old sock on the end of a plastic bottle to collect any debris.

Carpet cleaner on the covers

An all purpose carpet cleaner does a great job on the upholstery in cars. Fabric seats can hold a lot of dirt and smells that aren’t necessarily noticeable. A clean once a month will stop a build up of grime.

Keep a bag in the car

Keeping a small bag in the car provides no reason for rubbish to be lingering in the vehicle. Tie it to one of the seats or keep it in the boot to keep the mess out of the way.

Purchase kick mats

Children in the back can often leave some unwanted marks on the passenger and driver seats. Kick mats are a good way of preventing any scuffs left by little ones.

Use organisers

If you tend to keep a lot of items in the car for work, for example, seat and boot organisers can help to keep things off the floor and make for a tidier vehicle.

Pack a toothbrush

A toothbrush is an easy way to dislodge dust stuck in air vents and on the dashboard. It’s not advisable however to use the same brush for your teeth.

Invest in an air freshener

A fresh smelling motor can project the illusion of a clean car. Air fresheners that clip to vents tend to last slightly longer than paper-based fresheners.

Petroleum jelly

Instead of investing in an expensive polish that can contain harsh chemicals, try some petroleum jelly to help give your dashboard a shine.

Take care when parking

Parking under a tree can leave your car vulnerable to bird mess, leaves and tree sap. Move the vehicle under shelter or into an open space.

Buy baby wipes

Cleaning up a mess in the first instance is the key to stopping things from getting out of control. Keeping baby wipes on hand is especially handy if you often have kids in the car.