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1:32 PM 15th November 2021

Road Safety Week: How To Stay Safe On The Roads

Today marks the start of Road Safety Week, a UK wide campaign to raise awareness and encourage safer driving and transport on our roads.

Car Insurance Expert at Alex Kindred says:
“During the pandemic, we saw a 26% decrease in road accidents as less people were on the roads. But as driving levels increase to normal, and as some of us might feel out of practise, it’s vital that we’re extra vigilant when behind the wheel.

“In fact, our research found that 4.6 million drivers have had an accident or near-miss since the pandemic started. To help drivers feel more at ease, our guides provide drivers with some tips on how to stay safe on the roads.

Here are some of their top tips:

1. When driving in the dark, use full beam when you need to – but remember to dip your lights if there's oncoming traffic.

2. And if you have to slow down, don’t slam your brakes on. A sudden stop or change of speed increases the risk of the car behind running into the back of you.

3. When driving on the motorway, you should be made aware of your exit junction well before you need to exit. This should give you plenty of time to move into the left-hand lane before reaching the exit.

4. If you need to drive in snow or ice, plan to stick to major roads as they’re more likely to be gritted, but keep note of alternative routes in case of accidents.

5. Check your tyres to make sure they have enough tread to grip in the ice and snow.