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3:00 AM 13th June 2022

People Are Taking Back Control Over Their Health

People are increasingly putting their health into their own hands, according to new research.

This was revealed by health testing specialists, YorkTest, who analysed Google search data to discover current trends around private health checkups.

More than 400 relevant search terms were analysed to understand how much interest in private healthcare testing has grown.

The results for each area is here:

ocation Population Searches for 'private health check'
and 'health MOT' related terms
Index score (based on searched per capita)
Leeds 503,388 9950 100
Bristol 571,922 10930 97
Derby 263,933 4910 94
Nottingham 311,823 5500 89
Newcastle upon Tyne 281,842 4910 88
Edinburgh 488,050 8320 86
Manchester 554,400 9040 82
Glasgow 612,040 9450 78
Leicester 470,965 7100 76
Coventry 369,127 5130 70
Belfast 328,937 4390 68
Liverpool 579,256 7540 66
Hull 288,671 3620 63
Southampton 269,231 3270 61
Bradford 361,046 4380 61
Birmingham 1,153,717 13690 60
Sheffield 544,402 6390 59
Cardiff 350,558 3910 56
Stoke-on-Trent 277,051 2600 47
London 8,907,918 61060 35

Overall, searches for ‘private health check’ grew by almost 60% between 2019/20 and 2021/22 across the UK. Other phrases like ‘health MOT’ rose by 40.17% for the same time period.

According to the data, men were more likely to search for gender-specific health checks than women. Searches for ‘Bupa well man check’ soared by 156% between 2019/20 and 2021/22, while ‘Bupa female health check’ rose by 44%.

Dr Gill Hart
Dr Gill Hart
Dr Gill Hart, scientific director at YorkTest said of the findings:

“The world has changed hugely over the last couple of years, affecting everything from the way we work to the way we take care of our bodies.

“Even day-to-day concerns such as feeling constantly tired, having trouble with digestion or focussing might have felt like a personal battle in the past, but more and more people in Leeds are realising they can be solved - but only with access to information about what’s going on in your body. Luckily, there are credible at home health tests available that do just that.

“It’s interesting to consider the impact this might have on the workplace of today. Clearly there’s a demand for personal health checks, and as the cost of living grows, access to premium care will become more and more important to everyone - rather than bury their heads in the sand, people want to feel empowered to know how to take care of themselves best. And employers who realise this could soon meet their staff’s needs by providing them access to up-to-date, personalised health data.”

For the full breakdown of regional and keyword rankings, click here.