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8:11 AM 22nd March 2024

LNER Becomes First UK Train Operator To Offer Free Period Products On Its Trains

Image: LNER©
Image: LNER©
LNER has said it is proud to be the first UK train operator to offer free period care products on its trains, as well as across all its stations and offices, as new research finds one in five people (22%) have experienced a time where they needed period products for themselves or someone else but couldn’t access any.

Eye catching stickers informing customers that environmentally friendly TOTM organic period products are available will be displayed in LNER customer toilets both onboard and in First Class lounges.

The ‘Package for a Friend’ scheme was first introduced at London King’s Cross Station by LNER colleagues who recognised that everyone should have access to period care products when they needed them. It has now been expanded to cover the operator’s full network of trains, managed stations and offices as part of ‘A Better Journey’, LNER’s commitment to embed equality and sustainability into everything it does.

Customers can request TOTM period products directly from an LNER team member or order a ‘Package for a Friend’ through the train operator’s ‘Let’s Eat At Your Seat’ catering service using a QR code direct from their phone. LNER colleagues will then discreetly deliver the product to the customer at their seat.

Research commissioned by LNER into the accessibility of period products while travelling provided a unique insight into a situation that many who took part in the research had experienced. Almost a quarter of those surveyed who needed period products either for themselves or someone else were unable to access any (22 percent). Around half of those needing access to period products were travelling on public transport at the time (50 percent). Of those needing access while travelling, 57 percent were on a train.

Gill McKay, an On Train Delivery Manager with LNER, who has been involved in ‘Package for a Friend’ since its inception said:
“We’re incredibly proud to offer free TOTM period products to both customers and colleagues. Customer feedback, supported by research, highlighted the upset that can be experienced by not having access to period products. We believe everyone should be able to travel with confidence and in comfort and providing free, environmentally friendly products to anyone who needs them is just one way we can provide support, help the planet and break down barriers and stigma”

Kiley Yale, who leads TOTM’s Period Positive Workplace Scheme and is also the Head of Sales says:
“As a leading ethical period care brand, we developed our pioneering corporate scheme back in 2018 with the goal to make period products widely available, so nobody has to face the stressful situation of getting caught short without any tampons or pads. We are really excited to be working with LNER to champion period comfort, wellbeing and dignity across their trains, stations and offices. By giving their customers and employees access to our certified organic cotton period care products, LNER are leading the way in not only supporting periods but also doing this in an environmentally friendly way. We’re thrilled to be a part of this journey!”.