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1:00 AM 14th February 2024

In Conversation: The K's

One of the UK’s fastest-rising bands, THE K's, is kicking off 2024 with a bang. Ahead of the highly anticipated debut album I Wonder If The World Knows,out March 22, the four-piece reveal their new single No Place Like Home. With the single setting radio one fire around the country, we decided to catch up with the band ahead of the big album release and UK tour to learn a little more...

The K's
Photos: Halestorm PR
The K's Photos: Halestorm PR
Hi - How are you all?

We are all golden! We've been waiting a few years now to drop our debut album and to finally be on the cusp of releasing it.

What an exciting 2024 you have ahead... What are you most excited for right now?

It’s got to be the album release. We go straight into a headline tour, then festivals after release, so it’s all going to be mint, but the album release is going to be our highlight of this year!

The single has just been released, and we are loving it. Tell us about No Place Like Home.

Jamie wrote No Place Like Home about him realising that even though we love where we’re from and our hometown has made us who we are today, spending too much time there isn’t always good for us mentally and physically at this stage in our lives. We absolutely love being at home, but the inevitable that comes with being back can sometimes take its toll. A few pints can turn into a night out, into the next morning, or into two days before you know it.

How did you select it as the single?

The biggest problem we’ve faced has been selecting the singles! We feel like the album is so strong, and we all have different favourites, but in the end, we all agreed that No Place Like Home was the right choice, and Radio 1's recent support of it has luckily confirmed that we were right!

The album countdown is truly underway. How typical of the album's sound is the single?

The majority of our previous releases have been fast-paced, energetic, and in your face tracks, and that’s what we’ve built our foundation on. There is plenty of this on the album, but we can't wait for the world to see that we’re so much more than just a typical indie guitar band!

If you had to file the album between two others, what albums would it sit between?

The Libertines: Up the Bracket and Favourite Worst Nightmare: Arctic Monkeys

The K's
The K's
With all the hype, it is clear that the world truly knows. Does the anticipation make the album release more daunting?

Not at all. We know how good the album is, and we’re just excited for the world to hear it!

Which song are you most excited for people to hear?

The lights go down. It's completely different from anything we’ve done before, and I’d say it’s the best song we’ve ever written. I’m going to say it now: even your Nan is going to love this one!

If you could achieve just one thing with the album, what would it be?

We’ve already done it, I think. I mean, obviously we want a number 1, but who doesn’t? To us, though, it’s the best thing any of us have ever done, and we’ve already achieved everything we wanted before it’s even released. We just can’t wait for everyone to hear it and to see what comes next.

You've got the tour coming up soon too; what can we expect?

A massive step up in everything. Every year, we want to take it a step further. It’s our biggest tour to date, with not far off 20,000 tickets, and the shows are going to be bigger and better than ever!

What makes a good live show for you?

I think the connection with the crowd. Our live shows have been the catalyst for any success we’ve had so far. I think the fans can see how much we love doing what we do, and they make it clear to us how much they love it too! I think having so many people in one room, all there purely to have a good time and get a bit rowdy, is special, and it's our favourite thing in the world.

Lastly, what's the best show you've ever been to?

We played a festival over in Croatia, probably around 2018–2019. The Cure headlined, and it was the best live show we’ve seen together. Apart from Nathan, as he was still in nappies then, Luckily, there’s been loads since. We’re lucky to travel around the world performing and watching some of the best artists on the planet with your best mates—icons like Iggy Pop, Liam Gallagher, Blondie, the list goes on!


APRIL 6th - Hull, The Welly Club 12th - Cardiff, Tramshed 13th - Birmingham,O2 Institute 18th - Edinburgh, La Belle Angèle 19th - Newcastle Upon Tyne, NX 20th - Leeds, O2 Academy 26th - Manchester, O2 Victoria Warehouse 27th - Nottingham, Rock City

JUNE 20th-23rd June - Isle Of Wight Festival

AUGUST 25th August 2024 - Manchester, Wythenshawe Park - Blossoms Big Bank, Holiday Weekend

Tickets on sale here:

THE K’s - New Album: I wonder if the world knows is released 22nd March by Lab Records