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2:00 AM 23rd July 2022

How To Stop Saddle Soreness

Cycling Brits are being given tips on avoiding uncomfortable saddle soreness caused by riding bikes.

Leisure bike brand Bobbin Bikes are helping cyclists overcome the uncomfortable issue of saddle soreness regardless of if they are a cycling pro or just starting.

Saddle sores and saddle soreness can be a problem for all cyclists and can be caused by several factors.

These include moisture from sweat, incorrect saddle size and too much bodyweight being pressed on the saddle.

It's essential to prevent saddle soreness for a comfortable ride, and saddle sores usually go away in a few days if you catch them early, but failure to do so can result in infection.

A spokesperson for Bobbin Bikes said:
"We're hoping for a sunny spring, which means there will be plenty of people heading back out on their bikes which is excellent.

"Spending more time cycling does mean that there is a high chance of people experiencing saddle soreness which can be very uncomfortable.

"It doesn't matter if you cycle professionally or for general leisure. This is a problem that many people experience, and it can be down to several things.

"It's important to find the right kind of seat for you, but if you do experience saddle soreness, you should try to make these small changes one at a time to fix the problem."

How to stop saddle soreness:

Find the right seat

If you're experiencing saddle soreness, it could be because your body doesn't sit on your bike seat right.

Bike seats come in different shapes, so it's worth heading down to a bike store and spending time choosing the right one.

Bobbin saddles are ‘sprung’ making them super comfortable for a wide range of riders.

Tilt the saddle down

If you are experiencing discomfort, then try tilting your saddle down slightly. This has been known to reduce saddle soreness for cyclists in the past.

Slowly increase your cycling time

If you're new to cycling or getting back out there after a long time, it's worth building up your cycling time slowly to get used to the feel of the seat again.

Spending too much time on the bike without your body being used to it increases your risk of saddle soreness

Dress appropriately

You should be wearing fresh clothes each time you cycle to avoid a build-up of germs and bacteria that could lead to an infection.

You can also purchase shorts that have extra padding explicitly made to target the issue of saddle soreness.

Use Chamois cream

If you're still suffering from saddle sores and saddle soreness, it might be worth investing in some chamois cream.

This cream prevents bacteria from gathering and contains cooling elements like aloe vera. The thickness of the cream will prevent friction between your skin and your clothing.

Stand up

Whilst out cycling, it's good to give your bum a break from the saddle by standing up and cycling for a few minutes now and again to stimulate some blood flow back into that area.

Moisturise after cycling

After cycling, it's best to shower up to remove any sweat build-up from your session. You'll want to use a good moisturiser to help repair and soothe the area if you are experiencing discomfort.