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3:00 AM 7th May 2022

How To Get Your Car As Clean As They Do At The Car Wash

Months of driving through mud, rain and rocky terrain resulted in a filthy car? Motorists are being encouraged to achieve the professional car wash shine at home.

The car leasing people at are providing tips on how to achieve enviable car cleanliness.

While motorists may be used to grabbing a quick bucket and sponge for their annual car clean, they may not be aware grime caught in the sponge could have a damaging effect on the paintwork.

A safe and scratch-free clean can be achieved through a few simple steps, helping to give motors a ‘just out of the car wash’ look.

A spokesperson from said:
“Following a tough few months of frost, storms and rain, car owners may find themselves left with some very mucky motors.

“While many of us flee to the car wash in order to fix this problem, there are a few simple steps motorists can follow at home to help their car return to its former glory.

“Avoid traffic, waiting around and coughing up cash by completing a clean at home. Get the right tools in and you will save money over time and still manage to achieve that car wash glow.”

Start at the top
When cleaning a car’s exterior, it makes sense to work from the top downwards. To ensure all grit and dirt is washed away from the car, suggest using a pressure washer. These are much more effective than a hose, as the high-pressure jet does a lot of the work on its own to remove any hard to reach, stubborn dirt.

Get into all areas
Once the car has been sprayed down with the pressure washer, it is time to use some sort of soap, such as a snow foam which targets dirt and loosens it safely. This is essential for achieving the look of a car wash clean. Apply to the motor and leave to work for a few minutes before washing off.

Motorists should ensure a squeaky clean finish by targeting all areas, including the undersides of the door sills and bumpers which can be easily forgotten.

Stubborn stains
Marks created by tree sap and dried dirt can become hard to remove stains if left over time. Any motorists affected by marks like this should opt for oil-based products to help loosen the tough marks, however it is important to always give the area a polish with a clean cloth after scrubbing.

After the jet washing comes a quick contact clean. Here, motorists are encouraged to use specific washing mitts for cars and a dedicated car wash shampoo. As with each step of cleaning, the job should be done from the top downwards, working on one panel at a time to prevent any residual dirt spreading around the vehicle.

Wheel cleaning
Known as one of the toughest parts of a car to clean, wheels can make all the difference when it comes to getting that freshly washed look. Prone to catching dust and dirt from the road, wheels suffer the most during the winter months and can appear dull and dirty. Alloy wheel cleaners offer motorists a quick and easy way to get the shine back to their alloys, the pressure washer should also be used before and after use to loosen and wash away small parts of grit.

There is no worse feeling than putting time into cleaning a motor, for it to be covered in streaks and lines only a short while later. This is why properly drying is so important. Motorists should use a microfiber cloth and buff their vehicle all over.

Glass cleaning
Once all other cleaning tasks are complete, it is normal for water, soap and debris to make its way onto the windows. This is why glass cleaning should be the last task on the list. Motorists should grab a clean microfibre cloth and a glass cleaner to buff up all windows and leave the motor with an impressive shine.