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Hannah Russell
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3:00 AM 19th February 2022

February With Hannah, Little Alf & Friends

Izzy and Ida
Izzy and Ida
This morning I pulled back the curtains and was surprised to see snow. After the weeks of storms I was wondering If I would ever see the wheelbarrow across the yard again, but snow was a pleasant surprise. I’ve just recently come back from a week skiing in Austria, so I’m well used to seeing snow this year. It was lovely to be able to go back skiing after the 2 years with Covid19.

As the snow has settled the horses are in the stables keeping dry. When it snows it turns the fields very wet and slushy and I experienced the full extent of that this morning when I fell over in the field, much to Mum’s amusement. Pip was also watching me I think he thought it was rather funny too.

Pepper the mini-Shetland has spent a few extra days in his stable over the last few weeks after getting ‘rain scald’ caused by the wet weather. Rain scald usually comes around in the autumn and winter months due to the wet and muddy conditions. After treating him with some cream for a few days in the stable he is starting to look and feel a lot better.

Alf loves being in the stable as he isn’t a fan of the rainy weather, so he has been munching his way through hay over the last couple of days. I always like it when the horses are inside as it means I can brush them in the stables when they are dry and go check on them late at night – I love wandering down the yard with my slippers on and hot chocolate in hand.

Paddy my pony is also a fan of being indoors as he used to get frightened with the noises because he is blind in his left eye, but as he is getting older he has become a lot more settled. I always work with my horses natural instincts so if there is something bothering them I try my best to work it out.

Izzy and Ida have a nice pen in the field so they have been outside for the last few days and sheltering undercover when it’s been raining and snowy. I went down the field with the dogs last night and there they were both curled up asleep on the straw. They are rather dirty now and in much need of a bath but it’s going to have to be a job for the nicer weather.

While the rain continues I’ll be staying indoors in the office working on a new book. I have Pip by my feet who loves to lie next to the heater, while my other two dogs sprawl out on the sofa.