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12:00 AM 11th May 2024

Classical Music: Haydn Piano Trios Volume 3

Haydn Piano Trios Volume 3
Joseph Haydn Trio No. 12 (Hob. XV: 36); Trio No. 19, Op. 43 No. 1 (Hob. XV: 6); Trio No. 25, Op. 57 No. 2 (Hob. XV: 12);Trio No. 43, Op. 86 No. 1 (Hob. XV: 27)
Kit Armstrong (b. 1992) Revêtements

Trio Gaspard
Jonian Ilias Kadesha violin, Vashti Mimosa Hunter cello & Nicholas Rimmer piano
Chandos CHAN 20279

From the sprightly vivace opening of Trio 19, the magic transcends through wonderful artistry and musicianship as the superb Trio Gaspard take our hand to lead us effortlessly and judiciously into the world they have been exploring for fourteen years. Haydn is a central figure in the Trio Gaspard's output, as they continue their project of recording all of his piano trios. As with the previous two volumes, they perform flawlessly, making the virtuosity sound so easy.

The elegant phrasing, crisp articulation, and dynamics are expressively shaped with a rhythmic precision that percolates through the different trios like a fine coffee that has a warm hue and an enjoyable, delicate taste that lingers with pleasure.  

This volume continues the idea of commissioning a contemporary work reflective of the program. Kit Armstrong’s Revêtements is an exciting and compelling contemporary composition that has an instant energy driving this short dazzling piece, and conveys the feelings that Armstrong experienced playing the finale of a Haydn trio through for the first time.

The joy of these volumes is not just in the anticipation of waiting for a Haydn-inspired commission, or the marvellous recording quality, but in hearing discerning and perceptive performances from a trio that consistently delivers polished, first-class performances.

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