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Andrew Palmer
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10:37 AM 17th July 2022

Classical Music Album: Jean Mouton Missa Faulte d’argent & Motets

Jean Mouton Missa Faulte d’argent & Motets
The Brabant Ensemble
Stephen Rice

Soprano: Helen Ashby, Kate Ashby, Eloise Irving
Alto: Emma Ashby Claire Eadington
Tenor: Paul Betley-Angell, Ben Breakwell, Christopher O’Gorman
Bass: Graham Kirk, David Stuart

Confitemini Domino; Gaude virgo Katherina; Benedicam Dominum; Illuminare, illuminare Jerusalem; O quam fulges in aetheris; Laudate Deum in sanctis eius; O salutaris hostia; Missa Faulte d’argent

Hyperion CDA68385
Available as an MP3, iTunes, CD or FLAC and ALAC formats

The Brabant Ensemble has only rarely returned to a composer, if only because so much Renaissance music of high quality still remains unheard.
This is the case with Mouton, as this year we mark the commemoration of the quincentenary of his death on 30 October 1522. To offer a second CD of this French composer's oeuvre is inspired as he was the master of some finest choral writing as the music on this CD prove.

The Brabant Ensemble is, as always, outstanding, the precision of tone, vibrancy and ensemble flawless. They take Moulton’s different lines and as each part enters, one is drawn into the music as the group immerse themselves into each composition therefore demonstrating a total understanding of the different compositions.

From the dissonant harmonies to a simple ‘Amen’, this music engulfs the listener with clean melodic lines created by Stephen Rice’s group.

The Missa Faulte d’argent stood out for Stephen Rice as particularly affecting musically, with its use of the plaintive chanson that Jean Richafort would later weave effectively into his six-voice Requiem ( recorded here). Mouton's mass is a wonderful example of Renaissance music, soaring clean lines cushioned on a superb accompaniment from the other voices helped by the acoustic of St John the Baptist, Loughton.

This is more than a recital; the Brabant Ensemble get to the heart of the Mouton's music with a commanding performance totally grasping the sense of the Mass.

The ten voices produce a remarkable quality sound that is transcendental.

An exceptional disc.