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Andrew Palmer
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11:43 AM 3rd July 2022

Classical Music Album: Louis Lortie Plays Chopin Vol 7

Louis Lortie plays Chopin Vol 7

Rondo à la Mazur Op 5; Rondo Op 16; Boléro Op 19; Tarantelle Op 43; Polonaise Op 53; Mazurkas Opp 17,30, 63 and 68

Chandos CHAN 20241

Canadian pianist Louis Lortie, resumes his Chopin project with a programme that continues his approach of building a recital that includes works from the earliest to the latest period in the composer’s life, all of which are linked by their evocation of ‘nationality’ – Italy, Spain, and Poland, played on a Fazioli Model F 278.

Chopin was a pianist who enjoyed playing and Lortie obviously is a recitalist that follows suit, demonstrating here a flair for the mazurka, which Chopin almost single-handedly introduced to Paris when he arrived there in the late 1820s.

Throughout, Lortie’s phrasing is well-shaped and he demonstrates the contrasts and subtleties in dynamics, and the delicate rippling effects excellently.

The four pieces that split up the mazurkas include: Boléro, Rondo à la Mazur, Tarantelle and Polonaise. The addition of the Boléro and Rondo to this recital is welcome and gives Lortie an opportunity to demonstrate his virtuosity and once again exhibit his ability to show off Chopin’s expressive musical sound palette. Lortie’s interpretation of the lollipop, Polonaise Op 53 ‘Héroïque’, lacks something, perhaps impetus, and as the penultimate track it did not thrill.

However, the Mazurka Op68 that he choses to close this recital is the antidote, charming and beautifully interpreted bringing this well-conceived recital to a perfect conclusion.