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Andrew Palmer
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11:13 AM 9th July 2022

Classical Music Album: Haydn Complete Piano Trios Vol 1

Haydn Complete Piano Trios Vol 1
Fischer One Bar Wonder
Trio Gaspard Jonian Ilias Kadesha (violin), Vashti Mimosa Hunter (cello) and Nicholas Rimmer (piano)

Haydn Trio In E flat major No 23 Op 42 No 3 (Hob XV 10); Trio in D major No 38 Op 73 No 1 (Hob XV 24); Trio in F sharp minor No 40 Op 73 No 3 (Hob XV 26); Trio in D major No 20 Op 40 No 2 (Hob XV 7); Trio in A major No 32 Op 70 No 1 (Hob XV 18) Joahnnes Fischer one bar wonder (Hob XV 7 remixed)
Chandos CHAN 20244
Release Date: 15 July 2022

From the opening notes of the A major Trio the Gaspard Trio make an immediate impact with absorbing rhythmic vitality and impeccable musicianship. I am fast becoming a fan of the Gaspard Trio, they always produce engaging performances and this disc is no exception. The interplay between Jonian Ilias Kadesha (violin), Vashti Mimosa Hunter (cello) and Nicholas Rimmer (piano) is flawless, graceful and captivating.

Haydn has been central to the repertoire of the Trio since its inception. Nicholas Rimmer notes: “we have decided to record the trios neither chronologically nor in the groups in which they were first published. Instead we have aimed to create an interesting and contrasted ‘programme’ of trios for each volume, so that it can be listened to in a single, satisfying sitting.”

Trio Gaspard asked a composer to write a short work inspired by one of the trios from each volume and percussionist and composer Johannes Fischer contribute one bar wonder. It takes the somewhat provocative repetition of the ritornello in the andante of Haydn’s Piano Trio XV 7 humorously to another level with its delightful pauses focusing only on the first couple of seconds of this movement bringing it to a sudden end.

There are wonderful little touches from the lyrical, crisp playing caught so well by the recording engineers.

Phrasing is sublime, the lightness of touch polished, and the overall performance sophisticated and classy.

Without doubt the Gaspard Trio has produced in this first volume, a more than satisfying performance, more nourishing our souls with the beauty of Haydn’s contributions to the genre demonstrating his lyrical writing with playing that is well-balanced and expressive.