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12:00 AM 13th May 2024

Chatting With Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh Aka ‘Little Fireworks’

Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh aka ‘Little Fireworks’
Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh aka ‘Little Fireworks’
Emerging indie rockers Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh, aka ‘Little Fireworks', have just released their debut EP, Where Did the Light Go?. This fresh collection of four songs establishes Little Fireworks as true contenders to reignite some hope that's very much needed in these trying times. Think soft, heartbreaking verses and a huge, anthemic chorus. Close your eyes and immerse yourself. It may be intense, but the constant, universal theme in their production and lyrical content is absolutely one of hope, providing a much-needed flicker of light when all else is dark, AKA, a ‘little firework’.

We chat with Scott Viney and Pierce Kavanagh about ‘Little’ Fireworks'.

Hello both, How are you?

Kav: We're doing really well; thank you!

We love your name. How did you land on Little Fireworks?

Kav: I just said to Scott one day, “What do you think of Little Fireworks as a name?”
Scott: It took me two seconds to think about it. I looked at you and said, “Yep, that’s the one." It just made perfect sense.

You have been friends for years; what prompted the project to start?

Scott: We realised that we work well together as well as being mates. We love the songs we write together, the way we perform together, and, of course, everything about Guinness.

Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh aka ‘Little
Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh aka ‘Little Fireworks’
For those who haven't heard you, describe your sound in just five words...

Kav: Anthemic, epic, hopeful, honest, and relatable.

Who would you file yourself between?

Scott: I'm guessing Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit. It's always hard to answer that question because we feel like we sound like Little Fireworks!

We are excited about the new EP. What can we expect?

Kav: Big tunes, sad tunes, uplifting tunes. The bloody lot. Hopefully it hits, and people like it!

We love Like Ghosts. How did you select it as single?

Scott: It just felt right. It’s Little Fireworks in a song. It's definitely our most emotional song so far. Soft, low-fi verses paired with a huge chorus. It’s what we do best!

And can we expect to see you on the road any time soon?

Kav: Yeah, we’re looking at a little tour at the end of the year, so lots of planning to do! We’re buzzing. 

t EP, Where Did the Light Go?’ EP ON SPOTIFY:


1. Brother
2. Like Ghosts
3. Vicious Tongue
4. My Best