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1:00 AM 29th January 2022

Brits Set To Tuck Into Roast Dinners To Celebrate The Queen’s Jubilee

image by pixabay
image by pixabay
The roast dinner has been elevated to Royal status as almost a third (32%) of the country says it will be tucking into the classic dish to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which start next month.

The popular British dish has been crowned the UK’s favourite food for those looking to celebrate all special occasions this year, according to national research.

The study, conducted by Foodhub, one of the online food ordering platforms, investigated the UK’s go-to foods to enjoy when celebrating special occasions.

Almost a third of Brits (32%) crowned the roast dinner as their meal of choice for a celebration, with pizza following behind as one fifth (20%) chose the cheesy treat, with a Chinese meal rounding off the top three taking 17% of the vote.

Foodhub paid tribute to the Queen last year with the ‘Ma’amburger’ - the Queens favourite meat-treat smothered in cranberry sauce with no bun, recreated for National Burger Day - and it seems the nation will be toasting the Queen with food once again in 2022, this time tucking into the more traditional roast dinner, to commemorate Her Majesty’s special day.

On 6th February this year Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms, and the Commonwealth.

image by pixabay
image by pixabay
But what’s a celebration without friends and family? A whopping 68% of participants prefer eating their favourite meal in the company of someone else, with girlfriends/wives and boyfriends/husbands the first choice to share a meal.

And the country’s favourite meal doesn’t have to be just for a special occasion, over a quarter (26%) of Brits enjoy consuming their favourite dish once a week, with more than 1 in 10 males treating themselves several times a week.

Saturday has been named the UK’s favourite day to sit down and celebr-eat, with over a fifth of participants (22%) naming it the best day to enjoy their favourite meal.

And while TV dinners are still a thing, the UK will display more etiquette this Jubilee, with just under a half of participants (42%) preferring to sit at the table to enjoy their foodie feast.

Ardian Mula, Foodhub spokesperson said:
“Food plays such an integral part in the big occasions of our lives, and it is great to see the nation intends to keep it traditional when celebrating the Platinum Jubilee this year - by eating a roast dinner.

“Food is the perfect accompaniment to any social event or even a night in curled up on the sofa. We know that over a third of the UK (34%) likes to be sitting and talking with friends and family when enjoying their favourite meal and therefore it is important that food is accessible at your fingertips for every social and special occasion.”

To order your favourite fancies or a delicious dish from your local takeaway, head to Foodhub’s website or app and tuck into your tasty treat in no time:

Top ten foods for a celebration meal

2. PIZZA (20%)
3. CHINESE (17%)
4. INDIAN (15%)
5. FISH ‘N CHIPS (13%)
6. STEAK (10%)
7. PASTA (9%)
9. CHIPS (6%)
10. BURGER (6%)