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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
1:01 AM 20th April 2024

Albums: The Feeling San Vito

The Feeling San Vito

War’s Not Won; The Right Wrong; My Way Up; Join In The Noise; I Won’t Sleep Tonight; Intermezzo; Sun Won’t Shine; Eyes Open; Foul Weather Friend; Call It Home; Everyday And All Of The Night; Beautiful Lies

Label: Little World Records

The Feeling has arrived at their seventh studio album. Following in the wake of assorted side projects and a glorious return in 2022 for the album, Loss. Hope. Love., the group escaped to southern Italy to explore a different side to their musical output, The result is San Vito, which is arguably their strongest release to date.

Album opener, War’s Not Won, shows that the band have never lost sight of the sound that made them household names – with the strongest echoes of their debut album since it was released – yet, the whole record takes this winning formula and reinvigorates and redesigns it with killer effect.

Having really become a strong advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community of the course of his career, Dan Gillespie-Sells makes clear on the album that he is far from over speaking out about the battle for equality and acceptance.

While the album shines throughout, there are some key moments that really shine. Once again with echoes of Twelves Stops and Home, the bouncy Sun Won’t Shine is a beauty, while the brass drive of Everyday And All Of The Night sees the band sounding the best they have ever sounded. Teaming up with Lucie Silvas for the epic I Won’t Sleep Tonight showcases a collaboration that should be extended to a full album side project.

From start to finish San Vito is a pleasure to listen to. It is a reflective and thoughtful project that offers insight and uplift. Joyful.