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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
8:30 AM 10th May 2024

Albums: Benedict Cork Notes On A Hopeless Romance

Benedict Cork Hopeless Romance

Sanctuary; Nice Guy; The Good In You; Reasons I Loved You (I Can’t Think of One); Soulmates; Beauty Queen; God Damn; Until We Fuck It Up; Into The Arms Of Another Love; I Know He’ll Be Gone In A Little While
Label: Kartel Music Group

Benedict Cork is not yet a household name. The brother of former Eurovision entrant Surie has taken the slow-burn journey to success following a series of well-received singles and EPs. His presence on the live circuit has steadily built his reputation as one of the UK's most dynamic upcoming performers, and his reach stretches far around the world. With such a striking back catalogue leading up to his debut album, can his long-awaited long player live up to the hype?

A steady stream of stunning singles has teased Notes on a Hopeless Romance. While the truly sensational Nice Guy proved the choice cut ahead of the album’s release, the record takes the gospel-tinged pop vibes and expands them further over the course of ten stunning cuts.

The album opener, Sanctuary, sets the scene perfectly. Wearing his heart firmly on the sleeve, it is made clear to the listener that this is a personal journey explored, and hurt will not be shyed away from. The album that follows features electronic elements, gospel flurries, and big choruses.

The lead single, Soulmates, shone bright as a single, but within the context of the album, it shines a little brighter. Leading into one of the album’s most tender moments, Beauty Queen, it is the perfect prequel for such a vulnerable and intimate moment. Following is the Shirley Manson-swagger-driven God Damn. With pop-punk at its core, it is truly contagious and highly addictive. As a trio, these songs form the heart and soul of the album and are an amazing centrepiece to the album’s ten songs.

Building towards album closer, I Know He’ll Be Gone In A Little While, via the lush Into The Arms Of Another Love, Cork completes the journey through his debut album with a stunning number that will lilt its way into your heart and soul.

The wait for Benedict Cork’s debut album may have been long, but it was very much worth the wait. Notes on a Hopeless Romance is without doubt a contender for the album of 2024.