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Graham Clark
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3:00 AM 14th May 2022

Album Review: Reef - Shoot Me Your Ace

Reef - Shoot Me Your Ace
Shoot Me Your Ace; When Can I See You Again; Refugee; Best of Me; Wolfman; Hold Back The Morning; Right On; Everything Far Away; I See Your Face; Strangelove
(Raging Sea) Catalogue Number: RS0001CD

Sometimes you just need to be reminded that there are still British rock bands making great music that inevitably puts a smile on your face.

West Country rock outfit Reef has released what is possibly one of the best albums of their career. There is nothing new about any of the songs contained on Shoot Me Your Ace, lead singer Gary Stringer has that sort of gravelly voice that sounds like a cross between Paul Rodgers from Free and Brian Johnson from AC/DC.

The album has been produced by former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor and was written two years ago in just one weekend. The result does not sound rushed as the listener will discover with these bold, brassy and boisterous tracks.

The album opens with the album title track, Shoot Me Your Ace on a song that could easily sit aside any of the Motörhead classics. As Stringer’s voice hits you with the power of a steam train in full force, a meaty guitar riff from newest band member Jesse Wood grabs and entices you for what is to come.

The song will sound even more powerful live, so for those who missed the last tour, like me, let’s hope that Reef decide to play some more gigs later this year.

When Will I See You Again slows down the tempo slightly on a blues/rock number before Best of Me comes with a chorus that once heard is hard to forget.

Right On sees the band come out of their comfort zone as the folk driven chorus sounds like nothing that Reef have recorded in the past.

Strangelove recalls the Rolling Stones at their peak with Stringer giving a more soulful vocal as the album comes to a close.

There are times when there is the stereotypical cry of “Alright Now’ or “Right On” from Stringer, that is often associated with Reef, even a track on the album is entitled Right On. That aside this is a cracking return that will restore your faith in British rock music.