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2:00 AM 23rd July 2022

A New Book – Hannah, Little Alf & Friends

The last batch of pre-ordered books are signed and on their way overseas. Just a few of the destinations include: Singapore, USA, Germany, France, and Spain.

After studying BTEC Agricultural, sheep were always something I wanted to get one day; the opportunity arose last year. Izzy and Ida my two Valais Black Nose sheep, which originate from Switzerland and described as s the cutest sheep in the world, came to live with me in spring 2021. I got them at a time in my life when I was recovering from a series of operations. I introduced them to my online blog Hannah, Little Alf & Friends.

With their unusual features: black knees and black face and ears, many who see them instantly fall in love with the breed just as I did.

Once with me I soon noticed how much personality they had as they bounced around the fields. They watching me train the horses and it was then I thought one day, why not train the sheep, and I soon had them popping over jumps and running after me – I bet the neighbours thought I was mad or maybe by now they are used to me and my animals being a little bit different.

I know from experience how great animals can be for therapy. Izzy and Ida provided great comfort while recovering from cancer and everyday hearing them bah and bleat on a morning was, and is so rewarding.

I often get inspiration for my books from my animals, and this year it only felt right to write a book about Izzy and Ida which might lead to a series one day.

For now, ‘Izzy & Ida – the Valais Black Nose Sheep – A new home’ was released this June. It tells the tale of the two sheep going to live in a new home based in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a fictional story suitable for readers under 6 years old.